Valentine’s Day/Galentine’s Day

As you know Valentine’s Day is coming up and of course whether you are in a relationship or not this is always considered a good or bad day.

I got this idea from the show Parks and Recreation, Galentine’s day (13th of February). You go out with all your female friends and get each other small gifts  and go out to brunch (or dinner) to appreciate your friendships. It’s a way to make things fun and not get caught up with the fact that Valentine’s day is ‘only for people in romantic relationships’.

If you are looking for something to gift ideas for someone special, here are a few ideas and places you can get things from. I personally like flowers but I feel like they do not last very long and I hate to see them die.


Most people are always up for going out for a meal (dinner date?) or getting snacks like sending them something from Edible Arrangements.

Baked Bouquets is this really cute store based in New Jersey and New York, that makes flower arrangements out of cupcakes that are very realistic and delivers them to people for special occasions. They have a new line out for Valentine’s Day that is very nice. They even have gluten-free options!

Amazon has some great options for chocolate covered strawberries, Fruit and nuts basketsnack baskets, etc. They don’t all deliver same day but if you can think a day or two in advance than it works out pretty great.

Or even the traditional stuffed animal with a heart with a box of chocolates is nice. You could get a card and those little heart candies if it’s not too serious. For someone special maybe some jewelry from Zales since they have a store-wide sale going on for the holiday already.

The best gift is spending time with the people you love, I know I would rather have a night off or a day with my husband over a gift; even if you’re not rolling in the money taking out a bit of extra time to do something with your person will make a big difference to them.


Let me know what ideas or plans you all have!


Love ya, Rachel

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