This year I made a few resolutions, even though I haven’t really sat down and made New Year’s resolutions in a couple of years. I decided this year it is time to improve a few things in my life and I am ready for a change.

I am going to be doing a fitness challenge for each month this year. I have already started and have gotten back on track with my January challenge. This one I actually made myself with a friend not one that I got online. I’ll try to post it up later for you guys if you want to see.

I am planning to do a sort of detox program in March that includes a bit of running and physical activity that I want to be prepared for. And this will help to get me in shape and healthier before I start.

I want to eat better this year, no more fast food. I have already started on this; I am still eating snacks and thing but I am not (and will not be) eating out at cheap fast food places anymore.

Another resolution I made was to spend more time with my friends and my family. I also want to travel more this year (even if it’s not far); I have a way to combine these all together. I am going to be going to visit my older brother in Florida for a few weeks a the same time as when I go to do the detox program I mentioned. I haven’t seen him in two years now so I need to make it up.

On top of that one of my cousin’s is getting married in May this year in Virginia! So I’ll go for a long weekend and I can see a bunch of my childhood friends (I grew up there) at the same time! So I have it mostly figured out how I am going to get these all done.

I wrote a bunch more resolutions down but they are smaller things so I won’t take up all your time reading them! What are some of your resolutions?


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