Getting into 2019

Starting this year off has been tough; I have been struggling with getting back into a good routine after the holiday. I started my new exercise challenge for January late and I have missed a couple days, work has been weird because of the days off for different holidays, etc.

I actually wrote down some resolutions for this year and I intend to get them all done. So I am forcing myself to get back on track now and I just want to let you all know. I know it’s a common thing that people write their resolutions and then don’t do them and think it’s not a big deal. But I like to think of my resolutions as a kind of promise to myself. If I say I am going to do something then I will.

I am going to get back on top of keeping in a routine. Tonight I am going to go home and clean, cook and do my exercise. I am going to try and take more photos through out the week as well for you guys. I am going to get things in order and stop giving my own excuses and reasons to fall off track.

Let me know anything you guys want to hear about or want to see! Thanks for the support and for listening!

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