New Fitness Challenge

Hey! I haven’t posted in ages; I started a new 30 days challenge at the beginning of December which I have been sticking to this whole time! I’ll share the workout here.

Fitness challenge

I’m actually doing this with a friend and we are constantly making sure each other have done that days exercise. It has a nice gradient approach and is really not too time consuming which is nice. You definitely will feel it though! I have currently just finished Day 17 of the challenge and I already feel way better than when I started it.

The challenge is a full body toning challenge which is nice because it works on all different muscles and not just focusing on one part. I feel the most progress I’ve had is in my thigh muscles! One of the things I enjoy about doing the challenges is the feeling of having accomplished something (not the feeling of the exercise part because that’s not easy).

Anyways I hope you all have been having a good time getting ready for the holidays and any holidays parties from work, or breaks coming up from school! I am going to do some last minute shopping on Thursday! Cutting things a little close for Christmas, but you gotta make it work right?

Anyways I’ll be posting up some pictures in a separate post of Christmas decorations or holiday decorations that I’ve seen around. As always I appreciate any feedback!

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