Anime Con NYC

So much has happened Recently I haven’t been able to post I’ve been so busy! I went to Anime Con NYC over the weekend of the 17th with a friend and it was so fun! There were over 30,000 people who came to the convention. A lot of cosplay that was really well put together from a bunch of different anime shows!

I took so many pictures but did not buy anything this time as I’m on a bit of a budget. But I was very tempted. I ran into a few friends there from out of town which was cool.

So many booths and cool stuff, we were there all day Saturday and let me just say my feet did not like me anymore. I have attached some pictures I took!

Between babysitting for a friend and getting things ready for Thanksgiving at my friend’s house; prepping, cooking etc. I have hardly had time to think! 

My husband and I visited family with his dad on Thanksgiving Day in Long Island which was nice. Surprisingly, I didn’t over eat this time.

Then I spent all of this last weekend putting up Christmas decorations at my house and a friend’s house. I got my tree up and the lights around the house. Still not finished yet with all of it but that’s ok.

I don’t have any pictures yet of the Christmas stuff but after I’m done I will!

Through all of this I have been still sticking to a healthier diet than before which is good. I need to get back into an exercise routine though since I’ve dropped that since finishing the last challenge.

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and are looking forward to Christmas and New Years!!

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