Organ Donor Awareness

I recently found a blog by someone who had a liver transplant surgery about 6 months ago and has been using their blog to raise awareness for organ donation. It caught my interest as I had a liver transplant over 2 years ago now and I have yet to meet someone else that has gone through a similar experience. Especially someone my age due to liver disease (not alcohol or abuse from drugs etc).

It is not an easy thing to experience necessarily but once you have gotten the transplant and are better, it changes how you see things and how  you operate in life. Usually when I have told people about it the first thing they do is either to treat me with sympathy or they tell me how brave I am or something like that. It is a little awkward to me so I try not to talk about it.

From my view the before part was rough and it was scary and painful and I hated it. But it was a part of my life for so long before I could get a transplant that I got used to it. It was mostly about survival. Ever since the surgery I have not had complications, I have been perfectly fine health-wise. To me now it is something that happened, I fought to make sure I survived until the surgery and now I do what I need to in order to stay healthy. It is a miracle what can be done in the medical field these days.

My mom was able to donate the right lobe of her liver to me. It was harder for her to deal with than me because she was worried if I didn’t get through. She is amazing, and I love her more than I can explain. It isn’t easy for other people to handle the potential loss of someone they care about. But that was not the case after the surgery because I made it through. Without this I would not have made it.

I was on the list waiting for a new liver since 2013; I got the transplant in 2016. I was still not at the top of the list but my liver was failing. There are so many people on the list that they are categorized specifically through a system and only when you are at the top and they have a match will you get the surgery, unless you have someone willing and able to do a live donation. After my surgery the doctors came and told me they looked at my old liver after they were done and it had been in the stages just prior to developing cancer. If I had waited any longer I would have gotten cancer in my liver which spreads quickly to the rest of the organs.

To have someone who has also gone through a similar experience is rare and I am glad I have someone who I can relate to and give advise to in regards to how things will change and get better after surgery. It’s different from others who can only understand so much. And I love that she is actively working to increase awareness for organ donors and saving lives! Please check out her blog here.

She inspired me to share my story here. I am doing fine now; it has been two and a half years since my surgery without complications. My mom is doing great and healthy as ever. I am happy and moving on in my life better than before since I am healthy now. I hop sharing my story can help other who might be going through a similar experience and I am always willing to answer questions if anyone needs it or even just to be here to listen.

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