Married Life Date Night

Since my husband and I both work a lot and different hours we have our own date night once a week to make sure we get to do something fun with each other and have spent some time doing something as a couple.

We usually have either Saturday or Sunday night as our date night. It doesn’t have to be anything super fancy or expensive, as long as we are enjoying our selves and spending time together. Some weeks it’s just watching a movie at home together and talking on the couch over dinner. Other times we might go out to the park or a dinner at a restaurant.

Marriage is only easy if you continue to create and put the work in to keep yourself and your partner happy and communicating. So, we have certain agreements about how we don’t use our phones while we are having date night and little things to make sure we are keeping things fun with each other. Somehow it has already been two years since we got married (I really don’t know where the time went). and we rarely come across a disagreement we can’t fix with each other pretty quickly. I am not saying we agree on everything; but we don’t have big fights and if we do have an argument we can handle it easily with each other.

This weekend we are going to be cooking together during our date night. I love to cook and bake, my husband doesn’t mind it but since we have fallen behind a little on meal prep the last few weeks, we are going to do some tonight and make it into a game! We’ll probably use most of our time doing that since it’s also daylight savings tonight…

Either way we are gonna have fun! Having time as a couple is just as important in a marriage as it is while you’re dating. If you stop constantly creating your relationship with your partner, the relationship will fall apart. This is why it is so important to us that at the very minimum we have this one night a week.

I’d love to hear any suggestions or ideas of other things to go and do for a date night with your significant other! What kinds of things do you guys like doing for dates?


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