Today is Day 12 Fitness Challenge

Tonight I have to do day 12 of my challenge; 20 minutes of jogging or running… This is probably the one day I dread the most because I hate running. It’s not even that it will be harder or more painful or anything like that, it’s just uncomfortable and hard to breathe. But I am going to do it because it is part of the challenge.

So far I have been able to get through each day at home after sinner which has been nice! I feel better than I did when I started. There isn’t too much difference that I have noticed physically, which I suppose is good. I am not trying to loose weight. Hopefully I’ll start seeing some kind of toning eventually with some of these challenges I have been doing!

I know that one thing I need to work on a bit is my diet. The more I do on the fitness the more I think about how I should work on a more balanced diet and adding in more vegetables and healthier alternatives to some of the things I eat. It’s hard when you are used to having certain things, but I know it will only help me to have more energy, be healthier and live longer etc.

My next goal will be to increase my healthy food intake before I finish this challenge to see if it helps! I’ll let you know!


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