Color Street Holiday Nails

Remember how a while back I told you all about Color Street? They are nail polish strips that work like stickers except they are made from 100% real nail polish. I have fallen in love with them and I don’t really use my own nail polish anymore. Not to mention how affordable they are, how they don’t smell, and no dry time!

I have a friend who sells them, she is great and very helpful teaching people how to use them and giving little tips. Anyways they just came out with their new winter line and I wanted to share them here with you guys because they are adorable. I get no commission or profit or any benefit out of this in case you think I’m doing a sales pitch. I am not. I just found this to be so useful I had to share to save you all money.  This is the website to buy at Color Street – Kate Hall.

Recently there were a bunch of new collections to come out that are gorgeous for Fall, Halloween and Winter. I am going to include pictures below of each collection. They can all be purchased on the above website. All orders you can buy 3 sets and get one free. Each set comes with a variety of sizes 18 strips each. I have short nails so I can use 1 nail strip for 2 nails and I get 2 manicures out a one set. The most expensive set is $13 dollars.

Halloween collection:img_1682

These are the new holiday nails that came out for the Winter collection:img_1672


Fall Collection:


Let me know what you guys think of the designs and if you want to be added to the Facebook group to get any new updates let me know and I will help get you connected! I am already waiting for my Winter collection order to come in, but in the meantime I still have a few Halloween nails left! I have gotten a lot of complements from patients who come to our office and co-workers about these nails and how professional they look. The first thing they ask is what salon I went to!



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