DIY Halloween Costumes!

pumpkinHalloween and dressing up is always fun; I am going to be taking some kids trick or treating this year so of course I am also dressing up. I was thinking to myself, how can I take what I already have and turn it into a costume? The tiny witch hateasiest is always to use what you have and get a few accessories.

Witches, demons, vampires, cats etc all things that have a black base are simple for me to make. I just take a pair of black jeans, witch socksa black long-sleeve shirt and then add things. A headband for horns,ears, little witch hat, etc. Get some teeth, tails, or make up for whiskers or blood, jewelry that fits to the costume, colorful socks to match, and Bam! Done.pumpkin

I put together a quick list of accessories for whatever costume I dark redwant and then find things to wear that will fit the image for the base clothing. I prefer DIY because it is cheaper on a general pumpkinbasis as well as the added bonus that you hardly look like everyone else.

Of course if you want a super specific look like a super hero then I would suggest buying that costume and all the parts from a shop. But most things can be recreated using regular clothes if you know what to look for. Also one great thing about regular clothes is that you can wear them witchy pendantagain for other occasions not necessarily for a costume. So even if you end up spending money on a shirt, pants, skirt or dress you are able to use that for other things besides Halloween next year! pumpkinYou’ve just expanded your wardrobe.



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