Day 5 Fitness Challenge

The rest days on this challenge are pretty nice. It makes it easier to get over the soreness in between. I have missed two days as my road trip was pretty time-consuming (9 hours bus rides there and back). So I am actually only on day 5 right now; tomorrow is leg day!

I am getting used to having time at night to do my fitness routine, I have been sleeping better on the nights I exercise before going to sleep. It’s a nice little side benefit of keeping myself active I guess. I also had a few people comment that I look thinner, which I haven’t noticed but I will accept the compliments! Anyways I will keep it up and let you know any more improvements!

Here are some pictures of downtown Detroit from my trip! I went with a couple of friends just for an event on Sunday. It was so cold! We had a lot of fun on the ride though. Brought a ton of snacks, played games and hardly slept. If you happen to be going to Detroit my advice is not to go on a Sunday because basically everything will be closed.


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