Bronx Zoo Treetop Adventure!

For our wedding anniversary I decided I wanted to surprise my husband and do something fun. I looked into a bunch of different places that we could go outside and do something fun and adventurous and the closest most affordable was a zip-lining course at the Bronx Zoo. So I decided we would go and check it out.

They have two options: zip-lining only or a zip and climb option; I will let you know ahead that it is not worth it to just go on the zip-lining unless you are only taking your children to go. The zip-lining option is just two zip line courses so essentially 10 minutes of your time. This costs about $25 per person. img_0047

The second option they have is a climb and zip; there are different courses of climbing through different obstacles through the trees from one platform to the other including a few different zip-lines that go across. The whole thing goes for about 2 hours or so and costs about $60 per person but is a lot more fun and worth your money!

img_1637We had a lot of fun and my husband was definitely surprised since I had not told him anything ahead of time just take the day off. We spent several hours there and got a few pictures. This was my first time trying something like this, my husband however has done much more advanced zip-line courses in Costa Rica with his parents so it was easy for him.

I think doing something like this is a lot more fun than getting some flowers and eating out. It was fun and got us laughing and talking and generally just happier. We are already planning another day soon for another adventure!


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