Halloween is Coming!

I love Halloween. I think it might be more accurate to say I love holidays that include decorations, but specifically Halloween because people get really creative and very weird. Also who doesn’t like free candy?

I’m not one to do those skimpy little costumes (which are inappropriate because mostly this holidays is for children), but I do like dressing up. Most costumes you buy are expensive and don’t come complete with all the accessories you’ll need anyway. I feel like it is really easy to make your own costume out of things that you have already with a few additional props and accessories you can get easily without spending too much money.

There will always be some adults who will not do anything besides pass out candy and some who dress up and go out. I personally don’t think there is an age limit to when you have to stop dressing up for Halloween because it makes it more fun for the kids who come trick or treating. To each his own right?

I have all sorts of ideas rattling around up in my head I just have to sit down and put it all in here for you guys! I am going to be posting a lot more this month, with different costume ideas, pictures of decorations I find as well as my other topics for the blog on my fitness journey and finance advise etc.

I am also going on a trip to Detroit this coming Sunday for an event, taking a bus from New York, so I should have a few fun pictures and game ideas for anybody going on a road trip soon!

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