Weekend Adventures in New York City

This weekend one of my friends from Washington DC came to visit me so we went on adventures in the city. The weather was super nice finally so we got to spend all our time out without worrying about rain or the heat that we have been having recently (for once). We went to a bunch of really cute places around the city and I took lots of pictures for you guys, so if you ever are in the area her are some cute places to check out!

On Saturday we went to Kellogg’s NYC cafe, it is a super cute little cafe that has a cereal bar. You get to choose your own types of cereal and toppings, or you can do ice cream with cereal, milkshakes etc. The place itself is really cute, they have a ping pong table in back and all sorts of comfy seats and hammocks, they have all kinds of cute cereal decor around on the ceiling and walls just making the place seem more fun. You can reserve the place for parties and things like that ahead of time if you want, but it’s generally a nice place to go hang out and chill. (Here is the address in case you want to go 31 E 17th Street).


When we got there they were actually doing a birthday party so we had to wait and go back but they have a ton of stores around the area so it wasn’t img_1352really an issue. We went to Barnes and Nobles Bookstore while we were waiting and looked through all the books, games etc. We ended up spending more time than we intended inside because we found the manga section and I found a series that a friend of mine got me hooked on.

After we left we were window shopping around and stopped by Dylan’s Candy Bar, luckily we had just eaten and neither of of were ready for more img_1356sugar so we didn’t buy anything. Do not go in if you are hungry and have a sweet tooth. Trust me you will regret it. They literally have everything you can imagine sugar/candy wise (including ice cream). Just so many colors!


I was trying not to spend a billion dollar because you know I am on a budget and I am trying not to go further into debt on my credit cards! So most of the time I was window shopping not real shopping but my friend was shopping shopping because he was saving up for this trip. All in that same area near the Kellogg’s cafe we stopped in the Adidas store, the Super Dry store and a  few others. It was pretty cool, I found a cute dress that was 70% off at Super Dry that I really like (I’m not really a dress person so it was a big deal for me lol).

img_0280Then we went to the Converse store down near West 4th street because they img_0255custom make your converse downstairs and you get to take them home with you same day. My friend had wanted to get a pair of converse but then he couldn’t decide exactly which color to get with what style and we ended up not getting any. I had fun though, watching the staff making other people’s sneakers.

More food place we went to (not trying to bore you or anything but I img_1359love food and feel like sharing a few fun places you can go):

A place called Fry Guy which is this super cute hole in the img_1371wall place that does all sorts of fries (are you surprised?), they have these cheese loaded fries that are delicious.


img_1361Big Gay Ice Cream is a little ice cream shop my cousin introduced me to, they have some funny names for the flavors but I’d say on a scale of 1 to 10 they are an 8.

Junior’s is a classic that pretty much everyone knows for their cheesecake; they have amazing cheesecake, but we actually went here for dinner. As amazing as the desert is there, the food is a little disappointing in comparison. It was not bad, but it wasn’t really anything to write home about either.

Cheese Grille This one is a bit self explanatory, they make pretty much andimg_1380 kind of grilled cheese sandwich you can think of, and a bunch of really good mac and cheese.

ViVi The best bubble tea place in NYC in my opinion. My favorite is the coconut milk tea (with tapioca balls). They also make delicious rice balls (onigiri). I go here more often then I would like to admit.

We went through Central Park on the way and watched this little fair/carnival they had going on there. and played Pokemon Go! since it is really busy and active in the city. It was super nice out so we were probably there a few hours!

On Sunday we went to a tattoo shop Fineline Tattoo downtown and my friend got his tattoo done by my favorite tattoo artist in New York, Matt Brodnax img_1391(check out his Instagram @mattbrodnax). We were there a few hours before my friend had to go catch his bus back to DC.

Overall the weekend was super fun and we went to so many places! I can’t wait to explore more and let you guys know all the cool places I find.


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