Confession – Exercise Challenge Update

Well I know it’s been a while since I did a full post. I had to admit I broke my 30 days challenge over the weekend 😞. I have all kinds of excuses but the main one is that I had a friend from out of town come to visit and we were up late Saturday (very late) and out all day Sunday before she had to leave and then I went to a friend’s Rosh Hashanah party and also got home very late. I felt sick Monday and that’s how I found myself losing 3 days of my exercise goals.

I did start up again yesterday; I knew I was going to have to be honest since I started logging my progress here and I wanted to get back on track. Tuesday I did day 8 of my challenge plus some added leg exercises to try to make up for the missed days.

I’m feeling better and the good part is the exercise was still relatively easy compared to when I started. I definitely feel more positive about the exercising and keeping with the challenge to completion since I have gotten support here for it!

In other news my birthday is coming up next weekend and I am pretty excited for a small dinner with my friends and spending the day with my husband and my parents.

The week after I have a friend coming up from DC to go out and see some weird/ironic places around the city (Manhattan) with me! We are going to the tattoo parlor to get some ink done as well. It’s going to be fun. He is one of my closest friends and we always have fun exploring and going on adventures. He is always pushing me to make new friends and meet people that I probably wouldn’t by myself.

I’ll definitely be posting more within the next couple days for my blog. Let me know any topics you guys want to have me explore or research, ideas of places to go in the city that are fun or cool and I’ll go and be back here with pictures! Thank you guys for the support and encouragement!


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