Back to Work Again

Back to the grind at my regular job. Unfortunately, it’s a pretty slow day so there isn’t enough for me to do to stay busy and entertained today. I work in a dental office doing insurance billing and reception in Manhattan. It’s not my dream job or really what I ever expected to be doing. However, it is a job I can do and it pays well, which I need to keep my bills and things paid for.


I hope everyone had a great long weekend, I know I did! As you all saw with my other posts I got a lot of baking done and started off the pumpkin recipes. I also got to spend almost a full day with my husband on Monday! We went to Central Park and explored around the city which is always fun. We are working opposite schedules right now so it’s always a treat to get to have time off together.


If I did not have debts and bills to pay off then I would probably find another job so that I would have more time with my husband and something I enjoy more. But, we have debts, credit cards, health insurance, bills, and rent etc to pay off. I hate owing money and the feeling of not having money to spend on things I want.


I would rather work long hours at a job I don’t love (but I tolerate and can make myself enjoy most of the time) now and handle the debts, than drag it out longer.


I feel like a lot of the people I know have debts, either from college (student loans), credit cards, etc. but most of the time they seem to be paying only the bare minimum so that they have money to spend on other things.


I’ve done the math if you only pay the minimum payments on any credit cards or loans you will take around 10 years or more to pay off your debts on average. You will also end up spending more than your original debt due to the interest rates. Which is why I pay as much as possible towards my debts and bills every months and not just the minimum payments. My goal is to ultimately have no debt left so that I can keep all the money I earn, save and be able to invest.


When I reach that point, I will be okay with switching to a job I want instead of a job that I need. But for now I use my spare time on slow work days to work on things for my blog and learning more things will help me move into the field of work I prefer. Got to make every situation positive!


Here are some pictures we took in the park!


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