Getting Motivated to be Fit

Previously I posted about how to keep exercise fun, I have recently been feeling the urge to do a little more exercise and yet I still have not managed to get started! On a general basis I don’t like to go work out and stuff; I’m one of those people who likes exercise clothing but not exercising. But I felt like I want to get a little healthier and a little more active.


One factor that has been stopping me is this awful heat; it’s been humid andaveraging 80 to 90 degrees for a while now and I just can’t take it. Its like when you need to cool down and you try to exercise you just feel your body temperature going up. The other is motivation; like I mentioned in my earlier post I don’t really feel like doing a whole work out when I get home after working a full day of work. I tried to get a friend to be my buddy to get us to motivate each other, since she is in another state it doesn’t really work out because we aren’t able to get our schedules matching up and stuff.


So I started thinking with how can I motivate myself and keep in my own discipline on doing this? I am the one who decided I wanted to do it, but why am I not doing it? So I started thinking about it and I realized that even though I had decided that I wanted to do some kind an exercise to get more active I had not set any kind of goal. So I wasn’t setting out to hit a certain achievement and then it seems like this endless thing and there would be nothing to look forward to – no end game.


So the first step to keeping myself motivated would be setting a goal, figuring out what exactly it was I wanted to achieve. That can be done in many ways; weight, size, calories, etc. But the thing is I don’t really have an issue with my weight or size. My doctors say I am healthy and there is nothing wrong with my weight and health which is great! But I would like to get myself to be stronger (not super muscles or something). So I figured my goal would be to get myself to a certain level of endurance and strength that I don’t currently have.


The second thing that I know I need is to keep in my discipline and actually find someone or something to keep myself doing the exercise and things that I said I would do. So, I’ve tried using my friends to keep me on track. That doesn’t work because most of my friends, like myself, don’t want to go exercise and so they are okay letting me not do it as well. I decided I am going to try to use two things to keep in my discipline – my blog for one thing to post updates and hope that the idea that other people will be reading this and monitoring my success on my own goals. And the second thing will be a reward system for myself, if I hit certain goals I am going to find things I can give myself as a reward.


That’s what I have for now. I will be posting updates as I test this out and let you all know how it goes and what I find successful and what I find to be a flop. Any encouragement is much appreciated!


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2 thoughts on “Getting Motivated to be Fit

  1. Finding motivation to start going to the gym or starting any exercise is really difficult, which is why I waited for so long to start. But once you get that initial motivation, you start to really enjoy it! So just try to push yourself for a few weeks then hopefully you’ll come to love exercise. Good Luck!

    Evan |

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