Birthdays, Growing up, Gift Ideas and Getting Older

Getting older is an interesting thing, when you’re a child having a birthday is fun and you look forward to your birthday and parties and presents. But it seems that when you pass a certain age most people start to dislike their birthday, the fact of getting older, parties at work, etc.


I fortunately still love my birthday because it is a chance to get things that I can’t afford since I’m working so much just to be able to pay the bills, credit cards, food and rent. While I dislike the awkward embarrassment, it seems to bring when people sing to you because you are a year older, I really like my birthday now.


As a kid it’s easy to get presents for someone on their birthday, toys and games make them happy (especially if you know their favorite color) end of story. Now shopping for friends or relatives’ birthdays as they enter their twenties, thirties and forties, it’s harder because you ask them what they want and most of the time the response it “I don’t know”. Obviously, you can’t just get them toys and they will be happy. You could go for a card game or a board game and maybe that could be a fun thing to do with friends some time. But when you are looking for something other than a gift card, things can get tricky.


Since my birthday is coming up next month I thought this would be a fun post to give some ideas of things that will always be an acceptable gift for us young adults on our birthdays!


Food – Everyone eats, food costs money and it adds up fast. I always am up for a friend taking me out for a meal or someone giving me snacks or Edible Arrangements anytime so for my birthday that’s a plus. If you don’t have the time to take someone out for a meal and don’t know what they like to eat, a gift card is always acceptable to restaurants near their home or work.

Baked Bouquets is this really cute store based in New Jersey and New York, that makes flower arrangements out of cupcakes that are very realistic and delivers them to people for special occasions. They even have gluten-free options!

Amazon has some great options for chocolate covered strawberries, Fruit and nuts basketsnack baskets, etc. They don’t all deliver same day but if you can think a day or two in advance than it works out pretty great.


Games – Game night are always fun, some of the best nights in with friends is  spent playing games and having a some drinks and snacks. There are plenty of different games that as an adult you can enjoy playing with your friends. My family is really big on games that we take to our parties and so I have plenty of suggestions. One of the more popular games is Cards Against Humanity (a lot of people already have it). Here are a few more similarly entertaining games, What Do You Meme?, Exploding Kittens, The Game of Life, Pick Your Poison, Apples to Apples, Taboo, Scrabble and Rummikub.  I could keep going on and on but I think that’s a pretty good list!


Jewelry – It’s always nice to get something a little fancy; watches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces. If you know what the person generally wears its easy to find something they would like. It doesn’t have to be super fancy and expensive either, just something that looks nice shows it’s a thoughtful gift.


Gadgets – As you get older you tend to want more things that are useful as a gift, especially things you don’t particularly want to have to spend money on your self. Like I would love to have some of these but I don’t really want (or have) the money to go buy them! Things like kitchen a new blender, or toaster, or a set of dish towels. My aunt loves getting these cute little cooking sets (measuring spoons, timers etc) that have these cute little egg cartoons on them. Things like that are cute and no one is going to complain that they now have a full set of kitchen appliances or decorative pillows, signs etc for their living room. Things with quirky designs or funny sayings on them can not be disliked.


Worst case scenario if you still feel like you don’t know what to get then you can make something for the person. Last year my friend made me a personalized calendar for Christmas! She got a bunch of photos of us, of my husband and I, and me and had it made for me online with special dates and holidays marked with pictures. It id super cute and I loved it. You can make your own cards, collages, little goodie bags etc.  Presents aren’t all about money; they are showing the person that you put thought and consideration  into getting them something because you care.


Now we all have that one picky person who is not going to like anything we get them, so in that case go ahead give them a gift card or just put some cash in a card and I’m sure they will be fine.


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