How to Make Exercise Fun

Am I the only one who finds it hard to start an exercise or fitness routine? Probably not because I’ve seen so many things online of ways to get fit, try this exercise etc.

There have been many times when I will think, ‘I should really start working out.’ But it is so hard to stick with anything that my friends are doing or that gets posted online. Like, I am already working from 9-7 most days of the week. By the time I leave work I do not think to myself, ‘great let me do a 30 minute workout session!’ or ‘Let’s go to the gym!’.

I used to go to the gym, I got a membership at Planet Fitness with a friend and I used to go with her after work to the gym because it was right near my old job and she used to drag me along or I would tell her she wants to go and then she would drag me along. But without a gym buddy to enforce on each other that doesn’t work. It lasted maybe a month inconsistently before we stopped going. Then I switched jobs and it was just too out of the way

There are all sorts of things that I tried in the past; Zumba classes with a friend, going to the gym, work outs on Snapchat, little articles posted on Facebook etc. But usually I can’t stick with it for long enough that it becomes “easy”. Really, I want to be in good shape; I would want to be physically fit. It’s just hard to get to a routine and stick with it and keep myself motivated.

The thing I have found that works for me to exercise isn’t a specific routine or fitness program; it’s doing things which are fun and make me use my body enough that I get a workout done while doing things. For example, I love swimming! It’s fun and easy to do so it doesn’t feel like a work out but after a couple hours in the pool with my friends and I’ve been using muscles and burning calories and all that good stuff that I should get from working out. Also, another thing that I like doing is dancing which is also a work out but it’s fun! Bike riding, soccer games, walking home after work etc. There are plenty of things we do that we enjoy that keep us active!

So, my advice to all you out there like me, (you want to be fit, but seriously don’t like to go to the gym or do boring work outs) is find something that you like doing that will get your body moving and have fun while you get in shape. Don’t torture yourself unless you want to, make exercising fun again! And who knows maybe after a while of ding those kinds of things you’ll be to the point where those other work outs are easy enough that you don’t mind doing them!


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