Saving Money and Time on Nails!?

This is something I guess is more directed towards girls and women, but hey if any of the fabulous guys wanna take these tips too feel free.

Getting manicures and keeping our nails looking good is expensive and time consuming but it’s something I personally love!

We want our presentation to be nice and give a good impression and one of the things that’s expected and noticed is our nails. But honestly if you want a good manicure to last you’re looking at either a gel manicure or acrylic nails. Both putting cost up even higher; the going rate $25-$35 and up plus a tip, and that is going to last about two weeks maximum before they chip or grow out.

A lot of us have tried doing our own nails but that is going to take time and you have to try not to make a mess or not to smudge them and make them look nice. It’s hard and it smells and it takes time.

I’ve tried a bunch of different things, stickers, going to the salon, I’ve mostly just done a simple color myself and then tried to clean them up and do a clear coat after they dry so that they little mistakes can’t be seen. But then they start to chip after a week.

Recently I have found a company that is making nail polish strips that are super easy to use and last! The company is called Color Street; I found it through a friend of my cousin. They sell for $11-$14 a package of nail polish strips made out of real nail polish that come out looking like a professional manicure, and last about two weeks. Take about ten to fifteen minutes to put do your nails and it is inexpensive! I have been using my current set for a week already and they haven’t chipped or messed up.

They are very simple and if you request a free sample they will send the. To you to try before you buy! I’ll post a link to my friends Facebook group if anyone is interested in more information she goes over all the details there!

Kate Hall, Independent Color Street Stylist

This is honestly the easiest cheapest way I’ve ever done my nails and they still come out looking nice and lasting long. Other than that it’s buying your own polish and doing it yourself at night, because if you let your nails dry over night you can be messy and in the morning wash your hands and get the excess dry polish of your skin super fast.

Anyone else have a fast, easy, inexpensive way you do your nails? Let me know in the comments below!


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