Saving Money on Food

Food is always a fun subject because everybody eats (completely different diets) so why not start with something we can all disagree about.

As someone who works a full time job it is not super easy financially to buy my meals every day while I’m at work. Especially not if they are going to be healthy ones!

Diets are always a big deal because there are so many of them on the internet and passed on from person to person. “How can I stay healthy?” “How can I lose weight?” “How can I eat without going broke?” All valid questions. I’m not a health expert. I’m not a doctor. But, I’ve got a few tips on saving money and time when it comes to food!

All I can say about diets is, there are many different diets just like there a many different body types. Make sure you aren’t just doing someone else’s diet because it worked for them. The most important thing is to be healthy and find out what works for your body!

In regards to saving some cash (which honestly I think everyone can benefit from), I’ve learned that meal prep is key. I personally buy my groceries through Amazon Fresh because it’s convenient, they have all the same foods as the supermarket, and they deliver them to my door. I’ve also found a lot of good deals with Amazon Fresh; some items are cheaper than in the store, and it is the exact same brand, size and product!

I can spend about $75 a week on groceries and feed myself and my husband (if anyone here knows him, he eats a lot). What I do is shop in order of the basic things I will need for a meal; meats, vegetables and starch. I just start with the basics and then I let myself add in the snack items so I know what is needed and I don’t overspend or under buy “real food”* (as my parents say).

I prep meals for half the week usually on the weekend, and then by about Thursday I’ll finish up for the rest of the week. I only do half because I find it’s easier making half a weeks worth of food for 2 people than making 28 meals at once. (Also my fridge is not that big!) This way in the morning on my way to work I can just grab my lunch and dinner and go out the door.

Whenever I don’t do that I find myself “not having time” or “not having energy” to cook for the next day. I end up buying food across the street at Chipotle for $10-$15. Or if I buy something cheap it’s probably pretty bad for me like McDonalds. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not always a super health person. I find it’s workable for me to “cheat” (or as I like to say “reward myself”) and eat out every now and then. Or have a venti Frappuccino from Starbucks which is basically just sugar. I’m not going to tell you what to do I’m just trying to help with ideas to save money!

I’ll leave you with that for now, I’m sure I’ll think of more to tell you later!

*Note: apparently ramen noodles do not fall into the “real food” category 😂


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