Introduction to my blog

I guess I should start this blog off with an introduction. My name is Rachel, I am a 22 almost 23 year old, married “adult” who is working a full-time job.

I’ve sort of got the idea of putting together a blog about things I’ve learned and am still learning as I grow up to be an actual adult. Things that you don’t learn in school; like how to get a line of credit and improve it, how to go about buying property, getting a job, handling debts, saving money etc.

I also am not a completely boring person and have a lot of other stuff I feel fits into the same category like all these fad diets and exercise routines (like who has the time and energy to actually do these long enough for results?) and how to actually find affordable things and still be my low maintenance self. I figured the more people I can help the better! And if I only get one person who finds it interesting or helpful that’s great!

I love suggestions and I’d be happy to go more into any subject my readers find interesting in more detail. Just let me know! I’m mostly going off on a sort of general, broad topic and can get more detailed and specific as needed. Hopefully I can stay on a general theme that’s interesting and helpful.

Mostly this blog is about adulting and how to try to make it easier. I have been living on my own and supporting myself for almost 5 years but I’m still figuring things out like most people my age are. They don’t teach you life skills in school anymore. You don’t finish high school knowing how to balance a check book, get good credit, stay out of debt, cook a meal, get your own apartment etc.

Nowadays it’s mostly look things up online;  try to figure it out through trial and error. But then you look up things online and people want your money for their advice on how to not spend money or to find a job or find a house etc.

I’m going to write several  blog posts on things I’ve had to go through in trying to become an adult and grow up and hopefully you all find it interesting, helpful or at the very least entertaining 😜

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